Over 50’s Life Insurance

If you're over 50 years old and need life insurance, 50+ Easy Cover is the plan for you.

Put simply, Over 50's Life Insurance is life insurance for the over 50's. It pays out a guaranteed sum of up to €25,000 when you die. What’s more - there's no health questions and no medical, so it really is hassle free.

The lump sum is guaranteed and regular payments will stop at age 90 but your cover will continue. You could leave the lump sum to your family and loved ones to help to pay the cost of funeral expenses, cover any loans or bills you might still have when you die or to leave a nest egg to grandchildren etc.

Key features of over 50's life insurance are:

  • No medical questions
  • Accidental death cover only for the first 2 years*
  • Guaranteed acceptance to the plan for those aged 50-80
  • You must keep up with your monthly payments to stay on cover

* If you die in those first 2 years we will pay your estate a full refund of the regular payments you have made, unless you die in an accident, whereby we will pay out your chosen level of cover.

Sample Quote: Male or Female aged 55

Cost per month €15 €20 €30 €45 €55
Cover you receive €4.212 €5.717 €8.726 €13.239 €16.248

Health Lines

New to Life Insurance plans:

  • NurseAssist 24/7: a free, year round helpline providing a qualified nurse to answer your family's health questions,
  • Womens Health Center: a confidential helpline allowing you to speak directly with a professional, experienced nurse about your female health query.