Specified Illness Cover

Specified illness cover is a benefit which pays you a lump sum if you are diagnosed with one of 44 conditions covered under a plan. You can use this lump sum to help maintain you and your family’s standard of living, pay for medical bills and help you cope during a difficult time. What’s more, because you may have to adapt your house to make your day-to-day life easier, specified illness cover could help with these outgoings too.

Irish Life recently extended the list of illnesses for any new plans which gives you the most comprehensive cover available in Ireland.

If you take out specified illness cover, your children, aged between 30 days and 21 years, are automatically covered for this benefit. They are also covered for one partial payment. Children’s cover (read more).
specified illness cover


if you already have a plan with Irish Life, please check your plan terms and conditions to determine what illnesses you are covered for under your own plan.

Health Lines

New to Life Insurance plans:

  • NurseAssist 24/7: a free, year round helpline providing a qualified nurse to answer your family's health questions,
  • Womens Health Center: a confidential helpline allowing you to speak directly with a professional, experienced nurse about your female health query.