Fees for Research and Placement of Business

As an Intermediary we provide advisory services based on a fair analysis of the market. Our client is given the option of paying for the advisory services in full by way of fee. They are also given the option of paying for the advisory services by way of combination of fees and commissions and/or they may choose to offset fees payable vis a vis commission.

Where our client has requested that we provide advisory services on a fee basis we will discuss, agree and clearly document the scope of work to be undertaken and the fees to be charged for this work. A client engagement letter is issued to each client prior to the commencement of the requested service.

Fees for Advisory Services:

Where we charge a fee the rates of fee charged are upto:

Director: €250 per hour
Financial Consultant: €150 per hour

Fees for Mortgage Application:

In respect of mortgage applications we reserve the right to charge a fee of up to €995 for all mortgages under €50K, our service fee will apply irrespective of whether or not a mortgage is drawn down.