Life/Mortgage/Business Protection

Term Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance is life insurance over an agreed term (length of time you choose to be covered for) which pays a cash lump sum if you die during the term of your plan. It is particularly important to have for the key years that you might have dependants who rely on your income.

Minimum premium is only €15 per month.

A 35 year non-smoker can purchase Term Life Insurance of €125,000 for 20 years for as little as €15 per month. Cost may increase depending on health.

If you take out life cover, each of your children under age 21 is automatically covered for €6,000 life cover for as long as you are covered.

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Health Lines

New to Life Insurance plans:

  • NurseAssist 24/7: a free, year round helpline providing a qualified nurse to answer your family’s health questions,
  • Womens Health Center: a confidential helpline allowing you to speak directly with a professional, experienced nurse about your female health query.